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Jul 11, 2023Liked by Global Freedom Movement

Hi Global Freedom Movement,

I just discovered your page and website.

I applaud what you are doing and add my thanks as well.

I loved your Declaration of Independence - and think it is a great summary of the crimes against humanity being orchestrated by the G20 governments involved in this terror.

However I do have one big suggestion for you to reconsider.

On your website you wrote

"Nobody should be monetizing anything to do with the GFM Network. Anyone selling GFM merchandise , (at protests for example), should have a public ledger clearly showing cost to produce items, profit margin."

Personally I think this is the opposite of what we. in the freedom community need to be doing.

We are fighting against billionaires and trillionaires, who have used Covid-19 lockdowns to destroy 'non-essential' businesses and worker - which are basically all those not in the governments or in big corporations. So our incomes have been devastated.

It would serve the cause of freedom far greater if you opened up the opportunities for people to use freedom orientated materials in any way that they can to raise money and support themselves and the cause. And which in turn would flow back to your site as well giving you additional resources.

Every single economic exchange boosts the economy and boosts incomes.

Lockdowns, social distancing, work-from-home, closing borders and numerous other fascist policies, are all designed to DESTROY INCOMES, create poverty and create hunger.

If you want to help people fight for freedom you must also INCREASE the opportunities to MAKE INCOME - and create economic activity within the freedom community - not restrict it.

Please consider these thoughts, consider reversing this policy and consider adding products and access to ideas that people can turn into items for sale to both spread the messages and to create incomes that helps sustain them.

One big idea I see from your website - is that if it was codified into a simple book you could get the message out and create income for your site and others in these ways

-put the book up for sale on Amazon and other sites.

-offer the book to all activists as either a download that they can print out and sell themselves or

-you can print copies and sell them wholesale for cost price and a modest margin.

Ivan M. Paton

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